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Restoration of Firearm Ownership Rights

Colonial firearm ownership rights patch

The right to bear arms, guaranteed under the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, is obviously important to the majority of people. However, many criminal convictions carry with them a ban on gun ownership, use, or possession. This can come from Federal law, such as the Brady bill, or from state law, typically as a result of a felony drug offense.

Please note that in the majority of cases, an action to seal the record, also known as expungement...DOES NOT restore your right to have a gun.

Attorney Booher can help you get your gun ownership rights restored. It is first necessary that any sentence, probation or other court sanction is fully served and completed, including any fines or court costs. The application must state, the grounds necessary to establish that the applicant is a “fit subject” for their relief sought, and otherwise is a law abiding citizen.

Note that this process can be complex, and weapons disability relief is not available in all cases.

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