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Almost one driver in seven in Ohio is driving without a license.

Dayton ohio drivers license ticketEven worse, many drivers with suspended licenses don’t even know they are driving illegally. Michael Booher has handled hundreds of traffic cases where driving without a license, or driving under suspension, was an issue. In most of these situations, the Court is primarily interested is seeing that the driver obtain a valid license and comply with the law, rather than punishing the Defendant. The process for obtaining or reinstating your license varies greatly, depending on the type of problem and the Court or Courts involved.

Most types of suspensions require the payment of a Reinstatement fee to the Ohio BMV. If the amount owed is over $150, payment plans can be arranged with the BMV, making it easier to obtain the return of your license. Other recent changes include the elimination of the 90 day suspension for a first time Financial Responsibility Act (FRA) suspension, so long as proof of insurance is shown and all fees paid.

Some suspensions necessitate a Court action. OVI cases usually involve some type of suspension, however an application to the Court for limited driving privileges are usually successful while the case is pending. Other types of suspensions require a Petition to be filed in your Court of residence in order to obtain privileges.

In addition to reinstatement fees, it is possible to have a Judgment Suspension, usually as a result of an uninsured auto accident. Michael Booher has negotiated many agreements to remove these suspensions with payment plans. If that isn’t possible, filing bankruptcy to eliminate the debt (as well as any reinstatement fees) is often possible.

I have years of experience in helping drivers obtain and retain their driver’s license. Call the Michael Booher Law Office today, before the loss of your license impacts your job and your life.

Call the Law Office of Michael R. Booher in downtown Dayton Ohio: 937-620-0749

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