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"got arrested" Dayton Lawyer criminal chargesIn the last few years, police everywhere have taken a decidedly more aggressive approach to detaining, searching, and arresting persons of whom they merely suspect of having criminal involvment. Regardless of the level of offense, any criminal conviction will have adverse consequences, and can adversely affect your job opportunitites, your freedom, and your life. The way you conduct yourself in a police encounter can have a major impact on any charges that develop.


Over a 30 year period, Attorney Michael Booher of Dayton Ohio has seen many cases where citizens needlessly put themselves at risk for arrest and criminal charges because they failed to conduct themselves appropriately with the police.

The following are a few rules to remember.

  • Always be polite with the police. They have the guns and badges; there is no possible way to help yourself by swearing at them, or becoming disorderly.
  • In any police-citizen encounter, assume the officer is making an investigation, and conduct yourself accordingly.
  • While you should identify yourself and be prepared to offer identification, you are not required to answer any questions. In most cases, the less you say, the better off you will be.
  • If you are suspected of committing a crime, you should NEVER answer questions without an attorney present.
  • If you have made a mistake, now is not the time to admit it. Never make any confessions without the advice of counsel.
  • NEVER, EVER consent to any searches of your house, your car, or your person.


As an American, you have important constitutionally protected rights, but they only work if you invoke them. Before you waive your rights, seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Regardless of the level of offense, if you are charged with a crime, don’t delay. Call the Law Office of Attorney Michael Booher for a consultation.

Call the Law Office of Michael R. Booher in downtown Dayton Ohio: 937-620-0749

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