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marijuana arrest dayton ohAfter spending over 30 years practicing law, and 12 years defending college students, Michael Booher has seen hundreds of clients charged with marijuana offenses. Unfortunately, many people make the erroneous assumption that possession of marijuana is no big deal. While it is true that, in most cases, simple possession of marijuana is a non-jailable offense, it would be a huge mistake to take it lightly. All drug offenses, even minor misdemeanor offenses, carry a minimum mandatory Class 5 driver’s license suspension, the same as an OVI. This means that, while the ticket may only be a fine of $150 plus court costs, you WILL lose your driver’s license for at least 6 months, up to a maximum of 3 years. Additionally, you may be suspended from eligibility from student loans. And perhaps most critically, you will have a record or a drug offense, which could drastically affect your job opportunities.

There are alternatives to the above penalties.

Often, marijuana arrests involve illegal searches and seizures. Some courts have diversion programs for these types of cases, or negotiations can result in amended charges.

The Law Office of Michael Booher has successfully handled hundreds of marijuana cases, avoiding the major adverse consequences for his clients. Call Michael Booher immediately if you have been charged or think you may be charged with this or any other drug offense.


Regardless of the level of offense, if you are charged with a crime, don’t delay. Call the Law Office of Attorney Michael Booher for a consultation.

Call the Law Office of Michael R. Booher in downtown Dayton Ohio: 937-620-0749

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