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In today’s information based society, a criminal record is very easy to discover.

court records dayton ohio lawyerMost courts have web sites and a simple employment background check can pick up court records that can devastate your job prospects. Many employers simply refuse to hire anyone with a criminal record. Theft offenses and drug offenses (even minor marijuana charges) are looked on with particular disfavor. Even a charge which was dismissed or for which you were acquitted can be a real problem.

Attorney Michael R. Booher believes that everyone deserves a second chance, and we can help you achieve it. Expungement of a criminal record, also known as an Application to Seal a criminal record, is the best way to keep a one-time mistake from following you forever.

In order to expunge a criminal offense, you must be an eligible offender.

  • Generally, this means that you have no more than 2 criminal offenses, no more than one of which can be a felony.
  • You cannot have a record for a high level or violent felony, or for domestic violence, (although misdemeanor assault convictions may be expunged).
  • Minor misdemeanors and most traffic offenses don’t count against you.
  • The case must be completely finished, and you must have a clean record for at least one year (for misdemeanors) or three years (for felonies). If the charge was dismissed, you can usually file right away.
  • The filing fee is generally $50.00, and a court hearing is usually, but not always necessary.

It is important to note that there have been important substantive changes in the expungement statutes in the last several years. As a result many people who were formerly ineligible may now be able to have their record sealed, even if they were denied in a previous request. This is particularly true if your criminal record consists of 2 separate convictions.  

Attorney Michael R. Booher is one of the most experienced attorneys in Dayton Ohio in the area of expungements, successfully obtaining the sealing of criminal records for hundreds of clients in courts all over southwestern Ohio. Call Mike today at 937-620-0749 to discuss your case with him.

Call the Law Office of Michael R. Booher in downtown Dayton Ohio: 937-620-0749

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