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driving ticket dayton ohio Attorney at LawAlmost one driver in seven in Ohio is driving without a license. Even worse, many drivers with suspended licenses don’t even know they are driving illegally. Michael Booher has handled hundreds of traffic cases where driving without a license, or driving under suspension, was an issue.

There are over 20 ways that your license can be suspended. The more common causes are:

  • Court suspensions. Common in OVI/DUI cases, but Court suspensions can result from reckless driving or other causes as well.
  • Driving without insurance. It is illegal to drive in the state of Ohio without insurance. Repeated charges (often called violations of the Financial Responsibility Act) can result in license suspensions of up to 2 years.
  • Unpaid tickets. These commonly result in Noncompliance suspensions, and can result from even minor tickets that remain unpaid, even if the ticket was received in another state.
  • Child support suspensions. These can result from contempt hearings for nonpayment of child or spousal support.
  • Drug suspensions. Virtually all drug convictions carry a mandatory class 5 suspension (6 months to 3 years). This is true even if the drug offense was totally unrelated
  • to driving an automobile!
  • Point suspensions. Receiving a total of 12 points or more within a 2 year period results in a 6 month point suspension. In order to obtain a return of your license you must take a remedial class and pay a reinstatement fee to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

In most of these situations, the Court is primarily interested is seeing that the driver obtain a valid license and comply with the law, rather than punishing the Defendant. I have years of experience in helping drivers obtain and retain their driver’s license.

Call the Law Office of Michael Booher today, before the loss of your license impacts your job, and your life.

Call the Law Office of Michael R. Booher in downtown Dayton Ohio: 937-620-0749

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